The Anti-Life Equation and HIMYM

I’ve been doodling a revised costume for Darkseid on and off for several months (because that’s how I entertain myself), but I finally hunkered down and drew a finished sketch:

click above for larger view

You’ll note that I have changed Darkseid’s mini-skirt into a tunic over leggings. I kept the go-go boots though, because girlfriend can pull them off. The Omega motif refers to Darkseid’s Omega Beams naturally, but also refers to, you know, the end of all existence. I imagine this as some sort of triumphant future version of Darkseid

I have been sleeping poorly, but on the plus side, I’ve been drawing a lot while marathoning How I Met Your Mother on Netflix. The show is not without its faults–but the cast is strong, and the narrative structure is compelling. I confess that after shotgunning five or so seasons in the span of less than two weeks, I’ve started to get wrapped up in the lives of these characters. Also, I get emotional if I’m alone and have been sleep deprived. So when the episode about the death of Marshall’s dad came on at 2am while I was drawing Darkseid, yeah, I cried like a little baby.



Okay, time for bed.

(Still behind by 2 posts! Working on it!)

A Random Assortment

As is occasionally my custom, I will draw some gift/thank-you sketches for my various cronies and co-horts. Here is a selection:

click above for larger view

From left to right:

Yes, that’s two back-to-back posts on this blog referencing ALF/Melmac. What can I say, I’m living the dream.

(For those tracking my productivity deficit…

Let’s count one of these sketches as last week’s missed second post, and then count another two of these as the two posts for this week. The Rocketeer is a gimme, since I’ve drawn commission busts of him before–my policy is that “repeats” don’t count towards my weekly posting quotas. That leaves one “extra” sketch, which will bring my total deficit down to 3 missed posts.

I’m getting there, slowly but surely. I know this pedantic accounting is interesting to no one aside from myself, but please humor my attempts at staying statistically productive.)

A Polaris-izing Issue

So back in the early 2000′s, I believe this was when Kia Asamiya was drawing X-Men, Polaris had her outfit redesigned drastically. The result was that she looked a lot like Morrigan from Darkstalkers:

I drew this for my pal Molly last weekend at Comic-Con. What you’re looking at is actually a photo snapped from my ancient flip-phone, rather than an actual scan. For a old-ass phone, it takes pretty decent photos!

Okay, time to sleep.

(This counts as post #2 for this week, so I’m keeping steady at a deficit of 4 missed posts.)

Leftover Commission! Oh Donny boy…

How much better would that title have been if I posted this last Friday like I should have? Alas.


I guess this post is still somewhat timely, given the internet’s collective plotzing at the news of Michael Bay saying he will make the Ninja Turtles into aliens. Personally, I’m not too bothered about it either way.

Leftover Commissions! Spoilers and Repeats…

click above for larger view


I had two requests for today’s leftover commission:

For a long time, Robin was one of my favorite ongoing comics, so naturally, Stephanie Brown (Robin’s ally and sometimes love interest) became one of my favorite characters. I prefer her as Spoiler, but she’s still fun to draw as Batgirl.

And at no extra cost to you, dear reader, here are some more leftovers, which happen to be repeats of some of the commissions that were not leftovers:


click above for larger view


From left to right:

I have a few more repeat requests in the bank, but I’m saving those for a themed post…


During the course of working on all the Help The Cheerleader character busts, I would occasionally take a break to draw… a character bust? Man, what’s my problem…

At least I had enough sense to switch up the routine by coloring this one digitally. I actually hit a point where I was really craving the feel of working in Photoshop, so this was a good break that helped me stay fresh and ready to get back into working with markers.

I generally prefer Wolverine in his brown costume with larger ears, but recently I’ve become more appreciative of the smaller ears and whiskers that he sported in his first appearance.

Also, even though I was a staunch Wolverine fan long before the Marvel/Capcom games, I can’t ever think of him without thinking of this:

Leftover Commissions! The Bat and the Breaker… and the repeats.

(Oh hey, I was supposed to start posting twice a week, wasn’t I? My holiday schedule has been a little crazy. To make it up to you, I’m posting a little extra today. ALSO, make sure you tune in on New Year’s day for another post and an IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT.)

So, here’s the part of the Help The Cheerleader commissions that I haven’t really talked about yet… in addition to the 108 commissions that I completed and delivered, a lot of people who requested commissions never answered my follow-up emails. Which is no big deal. But as it turns out, I still drew a lot of those commissions while I was waiting to hear back from people. In fact I finished like 30 of them.


The lesson here, kids, is never work on the project until you’ve heard back from the client/donor! Anyways, no harm no foul. I’ll be posting the leftover commissions over the next several weeks (possibly months), and at some point I will probably be selling them off. Stay tuned for details! For now:

click above for larger view

From left to right:

ALSO… did I mention that within the leftover commissions, there were a few repeats?

click above for larger view

From left to right:

  • Batman
  • Batman
  • Batman
  • Batman

The Batman sketch that was paired with Bane was the last of the 5 Batmans in this post. The 4 Batman sketches directly above are shown in the order that I drew them, from left to right. The general way I drew Batman (and in fact, all of the commissions), is patterned after a Batman that I drew earlier in the year. Y’KNOW, IF YOU’RE INTERESTED IN THAT SORTA THING.

That’s all for now. Please do tune in on New Year’s day for another post and the aforementioned IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT!

Slow News Day

Today’s post is a little something I drew up in marker for for my pal Kevin Church–a generous friend, a talented writer, and a peach of fella.

Here’s New York’s cantankerous J. Jonah Jameson hating on Metropolis’s beloved Perry White:

Sorry for the late post; my hi-jinx will be less tardy in the coming week, I swear!

Post Script: Kevin was kind enough to tumblr this drawing, so if tumblring is something you do, please feel free to tumblr this to your heart’s content. TUMBLRRRRR.

Help The Cheerleader Commissions, Round 21: FINAL ROUND!

Today I am presenting the twenty-first and final round of commissions that I’ve finished for Help the Cheerleader. To read more about my involvement with this fundraiser, please CLICK HERE and HERE

Here are the final 5 sketches for the honor system donors:

click above for larger view

From left to right:

This blog is like… 98.73% goofiness, but I want to seriously talk about all this for just a minute.

The Help The Cheerleader fundraiser was a success, and I’m proud to have been able to contribute something. Moreover, I want to thank every person who gave to the cause and/or helped spread the word.

I’ve never gotten into discussing the details of this case, because while I have done my best to stay informed, I can’t profess to be an expert. However, it does not take an expert to understand that sexual violence is prevalent in the world we live in. The statistics will leave you at a loss for words. We live in a culture that often turns a blind eye to these horrific acts, and even worse, will often persecute the victims of these acts, preying on their already compromised sense of stability, safety, and self-worth.

Be informed, be compassionate, and if you are able to (I know it’s tough with the economy), please donate time and/or money (within your means) to a charity that you trust and believe in.

As always, thanks for reading!