Demon Girl

A little Halloweenish something that I drew last year but forgot to post. I’ll try to post a more substantive Halloweenish something by the end of the week…

(Yes, it was drawn on the piece of cardboard that you tear off to open a box of tissues.)

Happy New Year = More Unicorns + Gore

If you’ll recall, I posted a couple of unicorns + gore a few months ago. Well, I’ve been steadily drawing more since then, so here are 8 more to ring in the New Year. Click for larger views of each piece:

These were drawn in marker at various sizes, just based on whatever random cardboard scraps were lying around (the smallest is 3×3″ and the largest is 12×12″). The unicorn in the second row, on the left, is an exception–it was drawn on normal paper and colored digitally.

I hate to let a good piece of cardboard go to waste. That aside, I don’t really know what’s motivated me to draw these… but I have more cardboard, and I can feel more unicorns looming. Appropriate for the impending Year of the Horse, perhaps?

Nekomimi Kunoichi

Here I present a gothy, zaftig, nekomimi kunoichi, dressed in what I would describe as Miami Vice Decepticon colors, and armed with a guan dao (not quite a naginata), shuriken, and bombs:

click above for larger view


Now, if you aren’t down with a gothy, zaftig, nekomimi kunoichi, dressed in Miami Vice Decepticon colors, and armed with a guan dao (not quite a naginata), shuriken, and bombs… well I don’t even know what you’re doing here.

Side note: I apologize for the huge URL, it’s actually there to balance out the composition, because I wouldn’t, you know, think about composition before hand. WHO DOES THAT???

Now if you’ll excuse me, I think it’s high time I started a band called Miami Vice Decepticon.

*air guitar riff*

Draw… SOMETHING (01)

Maintaining this blog is a constant struggle between my desire for productivity, and my desire for quality–and sometimes I get paralyzed between these two desires and end up doing nothing! Finally, I have to arrive at the conclusion that something, anything, would be better than nothing, so here we are. With the 10 drawings in this post, I’ll be caught up, and ready to ring in the (Chinese) New Year with a clean slate.

I’ve been keeping a reserve of my quick scribbles from the game Draw Something, hoping to use them as a series of extra posts. Clearly the fantasy of having the time to make extra posts is not in the cards for me, so I will be using these Draw Something scribbles as needed. (Plenty more where these came from!)

Oh, and just FYI–almost all of my Draw Somethings are from mid 2012 and earlier, so it’s not as if I’ve been playing iPad games instead of drawing blog posts! Honest!

To start, here’s a random selection. To be honest, I’m pretty proud of the “bacon” drawing.

click above for larger view

For a little while, it started to feel as if my drawings were taking on a consistent tone and a recurring character:

click above for larger view

You know what… it feels really good to post a blog, even if it’s just random scribbles. I guess there’s a lesson to be learned here. Adios, year of the Dragon, you weren’t too shabby!

The Other C-Word

Who wants to see me draw a very innacurate picture of a coelacanth on a piece of cardboard? Show of hands?

You, in the back, with the “I <3 COELACANTHS" t-shirt, you're in luck. Please try to maintain your composure, ma'am!

Here it is:

click above for larger view


(Still behind by one post! But I’ve been getting this thing called “sleep.” I recommend it.)

Pinstripes and Booo-llets

I was having a conversation with Josh over IM which lead to me proposing a hi-larious image, which lead to me drawing said image because it was suitable for Halloween. Here it is:

click above for larger view

You see, they’ll never take him alive, because he’s already dead. GET IT?? I TOLD YOU I’M HI-LARIOUS! HAPPY HALLOWEEN, SUCKERS!

(I’m behind a post, but I have stuff incoming later this week… )

Hair and Now


Something that happened to me at my friend’s wedding. (This is a 93% true story… in the real version, the rhino’s martini didn’t have an olive in it.)

I am a terrible letterer!